About Us, Start Credit

  • Vision
    The prosperous future of a state depends largely on the involvement of every citizen. We, the Start Credit team, have set ourselves the goal of actively participating in the financial education of the local population and companies, both as providers of financial resources and as applicants for loans for well-defined purposes and with an impact on increasing overall prosperity.
  • Mision
    Providing access to small entrepreneurs and the responsible population, to financial resources at fair costs, for the country's economic growth and the improvement the living standards of the population.
  • Credo
    Responsible microfinance is one of the keys to economic growth based on the development of agriculture and production. Responsible Loan Companies contribute to the financial education of customers and prepare them for further cooperation with banking institutions.
  • Short Term goal
    • - Strengthening and forming the team
    • - Increasing the investments attracted on the local market
    • - Active participation in financial education of the customers
    • - Adaptation to the requirements of external investors
  • Long Term goal
    • - Accessing external financing funds, in order to reduce costs and provide access to responsible financing for more clients
    • - Financing businesses with the involvement of women, businesses and projects with an impact on increasing the level of comfort and quality of life of families with children, financing projects with ECO impact, financing agribusinesses.