For Investors

Do you have an amount of money that you want to invest with success as a legal entity or as an individual?
Then you are on the right page!

Why Invest with Start Credit?

A secure investment

We guarantee transparency and return on investment

Advantageous Interest

Higher than at banks and safer than in stock investments

Social Impact

The money are invested in businesses and in responsible needs for individuals

Any individual or legal entity can invest in Start Credit, thus contributing to the accomplishment of our mission. The investments are made in compliance with all legal norms in force and in conditions of maximum security for investors.

What does it mean to invest with Start Credit?

personally contribute to the development of the small business sector in the Republic of Moldova and to be part of the right development of the economy in the country where you live

be permanently informed about the businesses in which your money is invested, have access to the specialized financial information

invest smartly in financial tools, which have a much better return and liquidity than investments in real estate assets. Financial instruments are very popular in developed countries, such as EU countries, USA, Japan, etc.

Entrust free financial resources to the management of professionals with extensive experience in financial-banking and risk management

More details about the investment advantages and detailed description of the benefits for the investors, we invite you to find about them from the Start Credit management Phone:


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