Simple Loan

Online, easy, fast

Short-term online loan - the ideal solution for your needs!

You get it easy and quick, without extra roads and with minimal documentation. You can repay it in advance, at any time, whenever you want.
An ideal solution when you do not have the opportunity to come to the Start Credit office.

Amount: MDL

Period: luni

Loan details

Monthly rate



Total payment

Până la 8,000 lei

6 luni

Only with the ID passport

Simple Loan

Lending conditions

From age of 18 or more

Citizen of the Republic of Moldova

Seniority at work of 3 months

How to get a loan

Log In your account

Fill in the online application and attach the ID passport with bank details

You get credit approval within a maximum of 30 minutes of receiving the application with all attached documents

You sign the contract online or you approach the company's headquarters to sign the contract and the attached documents

You receive the money on your account or card