Partner Loan

Amount: MDL

Period: luni

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Partner Loan

You can buy products from our partners and pay in installments. In the relationship with our business partners, we want to be a reliable collaborator, offering customers the opportunity to buy the desired thing for which they don’t always have enough money. Relationships of support and reciprocity between us and our partners are based on responsibility and fairness. Together, we form a mechanism geared entirely to customer needs. Based on the values we have in common, we want to develop together and constantly learn to respond as well as possible to market requirements.

  • Up to 50.000 lei
  • Only with the ID passport
  • In instalments, up to 24 months

With Loan for Partner shopping becomes smart!
Purchase on credit the goods and services from our partners on the best terms.

With Start Credit it is convenient!
It's very simple!

Lending conditions:

  • From age of 18 or more
  • Citizen of the Republic of Moldova
  • Seniority at work of 3 months

How do you get it?
At Start Credit partner stores

  • You choose the desired good from a partner store
  • Fill in the request to the partner
  • Wait for approval (max 15 min) and sign the contract
  • You go home with the chosen good/service