Loan for responsible needs

We know that you want more: to change the TV, to buy a bicycle, to renovate the apartment, to install an air conditioner, to give your family a better life, because you deserve it. And we offer you the most affordable credit for goods and services. And we offer you the most affordable credit for goods and services.

An ideal solution when you want to renovate the apartment, to do a treatment, to pay for the child's studies or even to travel, borrow larger amounts but with low monthly installments.

Amount: MDL

Period: luni

Loan details

Monthly rate



Total payment

Până la 100,000 lei

Maxim 36 luni

Only with the ID passport

Low monthly installments

Start with Start Credit

Lending conditions

From age of 18 or more

Citizen of the Republic of Moldova

Seniority at work of 3 months

How to get a loan

Appreciate what do you want to buy on credit from any trader who is working according to the legislation in force

Request from the merchant a payment account that must contain the complete data about the merchant, bank details, contact details, product / service name, price to pay

Fill in the online application to which you attach your ID passport and payment account or approach our office

The approval of the loan takes place within a maximum of 15 minutes from the moment of receiving the application with all the attached documents

You sign the contract online or you approach the company's headquarters to sign the contract and the attached documents

We make instantly the transfer and the merchant ensures the delivery / provision of the purchased service / product