How Credit Restructuring Happens?

Credit restructuring aims to help customers overcome the more difficult and unpredictable situations that may arise during the loan repayment period.

  • Decreased income of the borrower
  • Decreased family income
  • Health problems of borrowers
  • Interruption of work
  • Job change
  • Other issues that may affect the monthly repayment of the loan (exchange rate, increased indebtedness, etc.)

How to get a loan restructuring

In the event of a situation mentioned above, it is advisable to contact the lending organization as soon as possible, so that problems can be anticipated in advance and situations of high penalties can be avoided.

Once you have notified the lending organization about your situation, the application will be analyzed based on the motivation and information provided. It will then be decided whether it is possible to carry out a credit restructuring to help the client but also to maintain an acceptable level of credit risk and default risk, the decision belongs to the lending organization. In such situations, the role of the lending organization is to support customers in difficult times when this is well argued and possible.

Restructuring may include the following possibilities:

  • Partial pardon (for one or more components of the loan: principal, commission, interest, combined variants thereof); In some cases this period can be up to 12 months
  • Total grace (all credit components) up to 6 months
  • Capitalization of registered arrears
  • Capitalization of registered arrears and grace period (partial or total)
  • Extending the final maturity in order to reduce the monthly payment effort
  • Conversion of a revolving credit facility (credit that is replenished after each use such as credit card or overdraft) into credit with monthly installments
  • Consolidation of outstanding credit and arrears in a new credit product - refinancing
  • Currency conversion by changing the currency of the loan
  • Reducing the level of interest or other forms of discount
  • Combined options of the above restructuring methods

In order to provide customers with optimal options, the analysis will include access to all information related to the level of income from loans, their evolution and the current level, as well as the evolution of the real estate market for real estate under loan guarantees.

Clients requesting credit restructuring will cooperate by providing all the details related to the financial, medical or other situation, which led to the problem of repayment with difficulty and the development of these issues, as well as future revenue plans.

The restructuring analysis identifies the customized repayment solution, which is adapted to the client's situation that will seek to facilitate the repayment of the loan in a more convenient method.

The credit restructuring decision will be formalized by signing the addendum to the credit agreement.